Sunday, 17 January 2016

Hawberry: My Biscuit Can't Possibly Be This Sweet!

sweet lolita fashion mintyfrillssweet lolita fashion mintyfrills kawaii

Taobao brand Hawberry has a new series 'My Biscuit Can't Possibly Be This Sweet!' and I think it is really cute. I often find things that bother me in taobao brands prints but this one is just so sweet. The colors are soft and the boarder and the rest of the print works well together. I love that more and more brands from outside of Japan are stepping up their game. And with the lower pricetag I think this is really worth it! The colorways are pretty, the lavender is my favorite since it seems to have a really nice shade. The OP is cute but I always prefer jsk's because of the more options with coordinating. They are simple cuts but work well with the print. I want to try and get it later once my economy gets sorted out. 

I hadn't even seen this brand before to be honest but its definitely on my radar now!

sweet lolita fashion mintyfrills kawaiisweet lolita fashion mintyfrills kawaii

//Love Mintyfrills

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