Friday, 22 January 2016

To Alice: Ice Doll

mintyfrills sweet lolita fashion kawaii

To Alice has released a dress called Ice Doll and I think that it is super cute! I seldom really like taobao print dresses but this one has what I like about Angelic Pretty but without being a copy in any way. Its like the lovechild of Toy Parade and Sugar Dream Dome. The cuts are nice, I don't like the overlay but its removable so it really doesn't matter much to me that its there. The fluffy collar is also removable. Even though the OP is cute I would go for the jsk for versatility. If you are new OP's can be great though because you have the whole outfit and don't have to think about getting a matching blouse.

mintyfrills sweet lolita fashion kawaii taobao

I like the light colorway a lot more, I generally dislike really dark colorways of this type of light print. The print is really sweet, toys in a ice theme dress is a great idea. And I love that it has a rocking horse (big fan of those). The print is not too messy and had a good color balance. Its really nice that they have a really cute bottom lace but I feel like some more detailing at the bottom would of improved it, its a bit to simple with the design of the rest of the dress. All in all I think its really worth the price tag and a good option if buying Angelic Pretty feels a bit too expensive. I might just get it myself at some point!

mintyfrills sweet lolita fashion kawaii taobao

//Love Mintyfrills

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